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SHINY Gen 6 (Kalos) Pokemon Overworld Sprites by princess-phoenix
SHINY Gen 6 (Kalos) Pokemon Overworld Sprites
For the regular version go here:…

I was planning to make a recolored shiny version after I finished spriting the original sheet but :iconlunardusk6: beat me to it and sent me the recolored sheet to post as a thank you. But I have him to thank too because it must have taken a while to recolor!

These are free for everyone to use, and as always credit is appreciated! Please be sure to credit LunarDusk6 if you use these because he recolored them.

Pokemon is owned by The Pokemon Company/Nintendo.

Updates to this sheet from the time it was originally posted:

Dec 6 2015- Fixed Barbaracle and Dedenne

Nov 24 2015- Redid Fennekin, Braixen and Delphox's design because I didn't like how they looked.
Gen 6 (Kalos) Pokemon Overworld Sprites by princess-phoenix
Gen 6 (Kalos) Pokemon Overworld Sprites
This project took 3 months in the making and is finally finished! For those who don't play Pokemon, the generation 6 Pokemon games did not have pixel overworld sprites for any of the new Kalos Pokemon (the game used 3D models instead), and so I have attempted to sprite them.

This was originally made for a small online game called PokemonLegends, but these can also be used by anyone else who wants to use them. There are editing notes on the bottom because I had this sheet in my scrap section as I added to it over the months.

This is free for everyone to use in their Pokemon projects! Credit is appreciated!
Also please credit LunarDusk6 if you use any of Vivillon's alt patterns!

If you are looking for the SHINY version, go here:…

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak/The Pokemon Company. 

Edit:Editing notes starting from June 9, 2015 so that people who drop by every so often can read what was edited/changed every time I make changes to this image.

Dec 6- Fixed Barbaracle and Dedenne

Nov 24- Redid Fennekin, Braixen and Delphox because I didn't like how they looked. 

Aug 16- Fixed one of Amaura's overworld sprites

July 19- Added Volcanion, Aegislash's Blade Forme and the 9 Furfrou cuts. It should be done now!
Edited: Mega Diancie, Hoopa Unbound (colors), Furfrou (minor edit to its placement)

July 12 edit 2: A HUUUUGE thank you to :iconlunardusk6: who surprised me with all the other Vivillon overworlds!
(Skotadi changed his main account if anyone is curious about the credit name change)

July 12- Added Xerneas big version, Yvetal regular and large version, Zygarde regular and large version, Diancie, Mega Diancie, Hoopa, Hoopa Unbound regular and large version. (The reason why there are 2 sizes for some of the legendaries is because I wanted some to be the large versions, but the game I was originally making these for only allows 32x32 sized frames).

Note: I'm not done yet, the rest of my to-do list are Volcanion, the rest of the Vivillon patterns, Aegislash blade forme and the Furfrou cuts.

July 5- Added Phantump, Trevenant, Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist, Bergmite, Avalugg and Xerneas
Edited: Klefki (minor edit to one of the hanging keys)

June 28- Added Amarua, Aurorus, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Dedenne, Carbink and Klefki
Edited: Tyrunt, Tyrantrum (minor color edits), Goodra (slight edit to its hands)

June 14- Added Heliolisk, Tyrunt and Tyrantrum. 
Edited: Greninja

June 9- Added Malamar, Binacle, Barbaracle, Skrelp, Dragalge, Clauncher, Clawitzer and Helioptile.


United States
I'm not on DeviantArt as much as I used to be several years ago; life and projects have kept me busy for days on end. But, I owe a large thank you to DA for that because this is the place where project leaders first found me and took me under their wing. I also made some really great friends who I still keep in touch with, even if they have long left this site.

A lot of people here clear their galleries as they change and improve their style, but I like to keep art around as a reminder of stuff I used to do back then, even if it absolutely sucks. Sometimes I browse through my deviations from years back and think to myself that I can't believe I uploaded something so terrible. I'm still improving so I can't say that I'm really good at anything yet. =P

My current interest is in pixel art, and because I've jumped on board several Pokemon-related gaming projects, my recent gallery additions are full of Pokemon related stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with me all these years! I update my gallery whenever I have the time (which may be in a few days or a month or two).
Hi everyone!

Do you or a group of people you know want to make your own monster battle game but want a game base to start off with?

One of the developer/game owners I help with (Kyro/Kaikyro) is offering an opportunity for a group of people to make their own separate monster battle based game using the game mechanics and features that he coded and will continue to code into his latest game, MonsterBattleArena.

The game mechanics will be set up similar to MonsterBattleArena, so you can check that game out to see the style of game you would be working with (or if you don't want to make an account, check out the gameplay samples on the game's tumblr blog). Note that your team will be making all the graphics, maps, NPCs, dialogues etc on your own, you will basically be given a base for you to create a game world out of.

If you are interested or have questions or comments, please visit Kaikyro's blog entry for more information:…

Thanks for reading!
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Your pixel stuff is utterly amazing and cute, and I seriously am desperate ;;
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Sure, you can send me a note and tell me more details about it :)
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